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Biography My name is Ann (64 years old) and I live on a farm with my husband in Argentina South of the province of Buenos Aires. I have loved plants all my life and over the years have always been cultivating different things specially trees that adapt to this semi Patagonic region. The answer to a dry tough climate very hot and sunny in Winter and also cold in Winter is of course Cactaceae. I have a smallish greenhouse and have now been cultivating and crossing plants more extensively for four or five years, none of which have flowered yet but I expect they will probably next year (the crosses). As for the rest I have a standard /to mediu collection of cactus that I have acquired or grown from seed and also in the olden days I must confess that I brought back plants from up North that I collected by the roadside mostly and from walks or climbs. Nowadays one doesnt do that anymore but they are still alive and kicking! My best loved plant is my Lobivia aurea which crosses willingly with chamaelobivias, epiphyllum and pterocactus as far as I can see. Regards Annlobivia
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